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Friend Codes

Online Aliases: Veritas, Gabriel, capalex65, Lord_Gabriel and various others.

Nintendo DS
Friend Codes will be added as soon as i get them.
Pokémon Pearl (EU)  
Almost certain that voice chat will stay turned off unless i know you or at the very least trust you
MarioKart (EU)  
MarioKart for 64 was entertaining, and so is this! Gotta love Rainbow Road.
Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness (EU)  
Whee, farming. I got bored when i bought this, and it's kept me fairly well entertained.
Friend Codes for meh Wii. They'll also be added when i get them.
Wii Number (EU)  
Seeing as i have no wireless at home, it'll probably be a while before i get the code for this xD

This list will definately be getting bigger, and i'll keep it updated when that happens. 'till then, have fun with your own games!
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