Pairings Claimed

Pairing From Characters Paired Notes
Final Fantasy Unlimited Kaze x Lisa
Whee, best couple in the show! 8D
Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo x Halibel
;3 Smexy, nuff' said.
Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo x Yuroichi Shihoin
See above note xD
Soul Calibur Siegfried x Ivy Valentine
Is it just me or does Ivy's bust get bigger with each game she's in..?
Soul Calibur Siegfried x Tira
Former antagonist x deranged psychopath, brilliant pairing if i may say so ;P
Soul Calibur Kilik x Xianghua
Come on, who didn't see that coming?

Six pairings, rules prevent me from claiming anymore >.<
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